About Dukanii!!!

Dukanii is a Kishwahili word for shop or store hence the idea of a one-stop shop. We are an online e-commerce business focusing on listing all types of organizations, services, products, places and events. We want to list Organizations like Humanitarian and other charity organizations, NGOs generally and other organizations. Products ranging from automobile, farm tractors, to food, clothing, cattle, and other agricultural products, beverages, etc. Places such as attractions, shopping malls, museums, etc. Services ranging from financial to legal to consultancy to media to teaching and health care, etc. We want to list all events be they conferences, weddings, parties, etc. The objective is to become a global brand and create that synergy; entrepreneurial wise between Africa and the rest of the world. Dukanii has subscribers from across the world including but not limited to Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, United States of America, United Kingdom, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria, Guinea, Egypt, etc.

We are three Co-Founders; Bockarie Sama Banya, Moses Acquah and Obadamilola Owoyele from Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria respectively.

Bockarie Sama Banya, Obadamilola Owoyele & Moses Acquah

Our Mission 

To create a platform for listing, connecting and trading products, services, places and events from Africa and around the world through ecommerce.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the largest listing and ecommerce platform exclusively dedicated to bringing Africa closer to the rest of the world through online trade.


Impressum: Dukanii uG | Bockarie Sama Banya | Hönower str 46 10318 Berlin | Tel: +4915175299490 |

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