Tag: GPS Tracker in Yuen Long

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    Vehicle and Personal GPS tracking device

    Price: $45

    This product is based on GSM/GPS network and GPS satellite positioning system, through the short message or contact each other the remote target location or monitor. It can be used Vehicle, people, pets and personal effects. It uses long lasting rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It is based on GSM/GPS network and read more

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    Simcard OBD GPS Monitor and Tracking Device

    Price: $99

    We ship to any location in the world Product Preface: This GPS Tracker is a multifunctional product. It is an integration of OBD-II GPS tracker, RFID car alarm, Remote/Bluetooth Diagnostics & wireless immobilizer. It has plug & play design, which is compatible with all the cars with OBD-II connector, and read more