• Welcome to the Canadian College of Modern Technology.  we are located in picturesque Mile 91, in the rural, northern region of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The sprawling campus exudes natural beauty, trees and shrubs and stretches across the rolling hills of Tonkolili District, Yoni Chiefdom. This peaceful setting is home to the state-of-the-art facilities of the Canadian College of Modern Technology, with lecture halls, offices, technology labs, dormitories, canteen, walkways and out buildings.

    The College was founded in 2014 to provide world-class, tertiary education  at  Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels. The Canadian College of Modern Technology strives to strengthen the quality of education and research to support national developmental strategies. The Canadian College of Modern Technology is a registered, non-profit corporation under the Sierra Leone Companies Act of 2001.

    Staff and lecturers at the Canadian College of Modern Technology consistently demonstrate their commitment to students. It’s a winning formula when eager learners and experienced, motivated instructors come together, whether in the classroom, during office hours – or when gathered informally in the canteen over a plate of cassava leaf and rice. Lecturers have a wealth of experience as instructors and as industry experts. The College offers a distinctive, practical and supportive teaching model that underpins a culture of close academic supervision and caring, professional support.

    At the Canadian College of Modern Technology, we strive towards a first-class, comprehensive facility with premier training systems and knowledge based curricula. The College has a clear and vibrant educational goal with long-term objectives cultivating talent with holistic development, global perspectives and creative awareness.

    This College Prospectus provides information on the range of Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes being offered during the 2016-2017 academic year. It also provides information about the duration of study, admission requirements, how to apply, systems o evaluation and College regulations.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology is a fully accredited college with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and the National Commission for Technical Vocational and Other Academic Awards (NCTVA) offering Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology’s high-quality academic programmes are second to none. Great attention has been paid to international standards and all modules comply with the highest standards of pedagogy. When students choose the Canadian College of Modern Technology they are choosing an experience that will enrich their academic career and enhance their overall marketability in the local and international employment market.

    The lecturers at the Canadian College of Modern Technology are highly trained and well qualified. They are passionately committed to the subjects they teach. They are innovative and completely up-to-date with all the current trends in their areas of expertise. The majority of them are experts in their various fields. Many of the lecturers have attained outstanding qualifications and experience from outside Sierra Leone. The lecturers at the Canadian College of Modern Technology are some of the best in the country.

    Classes take several forms including hour-long lectures, tutorials, practical exercises, PowerPoint presentations, hand-outs, electronic notes and communications via e-mail and social media software.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology is the only institution of higher learning where students evaluate instructors and lecturers. Lecturers are evaluated and assessed by students at the end of each semester of study. These evaluations help guide lecturers and add value to classroom activities. The surveys and questionnaires are designed to improve teaching and enhance the classroom experience. The College believes in obtaining meaningful feedback from students during the course of their studies

    All staff and faculty of the Canadian College of Modern Technology abide by a strict code of professionalism, ethics and behaviour.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology offers a wide range of specialised, subject-specific facilities. The College has a dedicated computer laboratory suite, an electronics workshop, photocopying/printing facilities and Wi-Fi ensuring consistent Internet access for staff, students and visitors to the campus.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology has state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive learning and research resources that provide tools for successful learning and growing. The College’s innovative virtual learning environment enables learners to study how, when and where it suits them. The College’s computing centres provide students with constant access to networked computers.

    Our libraries offer:

    Free internet access
    An online library catalogue
    Information skills training, including endnotes and referencing
    Opportunities to develop computer and keyboard skills
    Our Student Services team is dedicated to ensuring all students have a successful, safe and productive time at the Canadian College of Modern Technology. They provide a wide range of information, advice and support from our on-campus Student Centre.

    Our Students Services team offers the following services:

    Counselling – Our discreet, professional counselling services can help students with a wide range of issues from academic concerns to career advice. Personal guidance is also available in a caring, professional and supportive environment.
    Information and Enquiries – The College believes in providing information and aid in an open and transparent manner. Parents and guardians are welcome and invited to be an active learning partner.
    The students of the Canadian College of Modern Technology are of utmost importance. Students’ welfare is an integral part of the positive, respectful and supportive environment of the College. The College maintains a link with students through the TITLE who acts as a liaison between the students and the administration. Issues, when they arise, are given high priority and dealt with openly and transparently. The administration is ultimately responsible for students’ welfare and strives to maintain positive interactions and regard for all students and visitors.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology is an inclusive institution and supports all students and offers additional learning or facility support to those students with disabilities. If an applicant has declared a disability or additional educational need, the academic support team will contact individual students to assess the level of support required.

    In order to ensure that the College can support various learning or facility needs, please identify any disability or support requirement at the point of application and prior to accepting an offer of placement at the College.

    One of the fundamental principles of the Canadian College of Modern Technology is sustainability, which includes the environment, power, water and waste. The College is powered mainly by solar power, a renewable and sustainable source of energy. The College is committed to responsible waste management and resource utilization. Preservation and conservation of resources is a prime concern.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology has a firm commitment towards providing a clean and healthy environment. Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment. As a requirement for admission, all applicants are required to plant a tree at a site stipulated by the College. This helps the environment and adds to the awareness College students have about the world. Trees and tools will be provided by the College.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology welcomes students, staff, parents and partners of all faiths and religious backgrounds. All religious festivals are honoured and respected. The College is a non-denominational facility where all are welcome.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology was established to provide a conducive environment for learning and research. This can only be achieved if its members work peacefully under conditions that foster and permit freedom of thought and expression within a framework of respect for the rights of others.

    In safeguarding the above, student regulations address general student welfare, conduct and disciplinary proceedings, and penalties aimed at protecting the College from actions which would damage its academic reputation. Acceptance of admission to any of the courses and programmes offered is conditional upon agreement by the potential student to abide by these regulations as contained in the student handbook.

    The operation and application of these regulations are without prejudice of the Constitution and the General Laws of Republic of Sierra Leone. In addition, Canadian College of Modern Technology reserves the right to alter any of these regulations, including the descriptions of courses, without prior notice.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology believes strongly in promoting and encouraging women in all facets of education, technology, governance, human rights and throughout Sierra Leone society. An atmosphere of equality, safety and respect is extended to all students, staff, faculty and visitors.

    The Canadian College of Modern Technology offers state-of-art facilities where students can comfortably and safely reside. Separate, newly-built structures house male students and female students. Each hostel has bathroom facilities close by and areas for outside chores and get-togethers

    Canadian College of Modern Technology is a monumental part of your experience. 95% percent of students live on campus, and on-campus housing is guaranteed for all four years. On campus, there is always something going on: sport, lectures, movies, visiting performers, among others.

    The College’s residential advisory team is available at all times to help students with housing issues or to aid those who choose to live off-campus in nearby Yoni Village or Mile 91.

    At the Canadian College of Modern Technology, students are a priority. The College emphasizes a holistic, educational and emotional experience. Academics take the lead but psycho-social needs and interests are also a priority. Inter-personal communications, friendships and collegial relationships are encouraged. Friendly, social activities are encouraged. A number of extra-curricular, educational clubs are available.

    The College’s student body comes from all over the country. Mixing tribes, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, abilities, religions and beliefs makes for lively and exciting interactions. The College breaks down barriers and fosters professional relationships and friendships.

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